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Monday, August 3, 2015

A peek at Frisk Me: New York's Finest #1 by Lauren Layne


After a photograph of Luc Moretti saving a tourist hits social media, he instantly becomes New York's most famous and beloved cop. When a major network decides to run a special on the "American Hero," Luc's boss gives him no choice but to cooperate in the name of good exposure for the department. Luc doesn't mind the celebrity status-what he does mind is the gorgeous brunette journalist who's been assigned to follow his every move. Especially since she also happens to be the same knockout that rejected him rather publicly the week before.

Ava Sims is a woman who gets what she wants. And what she wants is to be CBC's lead anchor-but to get there, she'll need to nail the fluff piece on the playboy cop. Luc Moretti is everything Ava knows to stay away from: a stubborn charmer with a hero-complex. But the more Ava gets to know Luc and his oddball family, the more she realizes that beneath the swagger and the blue uniform is a complex man who makes her heart beat too fast. Soon, Ava's doing the unthinkable, and falling for the best of New York's finest ...

Frisk Me
New York’s Finest #1  

By: Lauren Layne

Releasing July 28, 2015


Purchase Links:

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A woman stood in the back corner of the room, helping herself to coffee from the fancy coffee machine Brinker kept for his own personal use.

Her body was mostly hidden by one of the horrible potted plants that Brinker’s wife insisted gave his office “homey character.”

And then she stepped into plain view.

He couldn’t help it; he checked her out. Everything about the woman demanded a second look, the legs in particular.

Luc had never really considered himself a legs-man, being more of an “equal opportunity” guy when it came to female body parts. (Although, if his mother ever asked, he’d swear up and down that he only ever noticed personality. Maybe the eyes.)

But the legs on this one were damn near perfect. For that matter, the high breasts and slim waist also earned high marks.

Her subdued black skirt and white blouse should have been boring, but they’d obviously been perfectly tailored to fit her trim frame perfectly.

The black high heels were icing on the already perfect cake.

Then he looked at her face, and for a second, Luc felt just a little bit dazed.

If anything, her features were even more perfect than the body. Her eyes were maybe just slightly too large for her otherwise petite features, but there was no doubt about it, the woman was stunning.

And yet, there was something else there too, just beyond the jolt of sexual awareness.


Luc might not have his brother Vincent’s photographic memory, but he was pretty damn good with faces. And he was pretty sure he knew this one. His brain scrambled to place her, but he kept coming up empty.

Her eyes narrowed almost imperceptibly on Luc, and his narrowed right back. He definitely knew her from somewhere.

She gave him a slow, knowing smile. “Fifth and Fortieth, three years ago.”

He shook his head to indicate he didn’t follow.

“You’re trying to figure out how you know me. Three years ago, you gave my news van a parking ticket, and we exchanged…words. That’s where you know me from. I’m Ava Sims.”

Lauren Layne is the USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance.

Prior to becoming an author, Lauren worked in e-commerce and web-marketing. In 2011, she and her husband moved from Seattle to New York City, where Lauren decided to pursue a full-time writing career. It took six months to get her first book deal (despite ardent assurances to her husband that it would only take three). Since then, Lauren's gone on to publish ten books, including the bestselling Stiletto series, with several more on the way in 2015.

Lauren currently lives in Chicago with her husband and spoiled Pomeranian. When not writing, you'll find her at happy hour, running at a doggedly slow pace, or trying to straighten her naturally curly hair.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reflections and Introspections

Thank you for the time spent talking and visiting with me. These last few years have been a whirlwind. At times this blog and those of you that have been constant companions, have been a Godsend. You have kept me sane and been my rock.

When my Dad died in October of 2011, I started reading more than ever. In December of that same year, I started this blog. At first I new absolutely nothing and it was a real learning experience. I have tried many different things to keep it fresh and different. Recently, I have lost my motivation. Everything I tried seems to have failed and except for a few of you (which I can count on one hand, and you know who you are), I can't seem to motivate visitors to talk. Lately, I haven't been very good with communicating with you guys either. It is nothing personal. It is just me and being at camp and not having a great connection.

Lately, I have been burnt out. I know that I caused this situation by accepting too many review requests. In order to remedy it, I have decided to slow down and step back. It has gotten to the point that I very seldom enjoy reading lately and though I usually enjoy the book, it takes every single molecule in my body to make me read them. This is not normal for me. I want to like reading again. I hope that doing this will help.

I truly appreciate your friendship, companionship, support, and understanding.

I have a few more posts (five) and then I am officially done. I will still post from time to time and possibly even get my mojo back but for right now, I can't wait to be finished.

I will still be posting some reviews on Goodreads. I am not deleting my blog in the hopes that I can bounce back and be interested again. In the meantime, I still owe some CIG prizes and you will get them in September if not sooner. The CIG giveaway is officially finished.

I will not say goodbye as I am not done yet. I will say until we talk again.

 Thank you!

I will miss you!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Review ~ Circle of Dreams by Jane S. Morrissey


Leader of an elite psychic team, Cole Courtland is a shape-shifting wolf with a deep connection to the power of the Earth. His investigation of a string of mysterious murders throws him into the dangerous world of the Quytel and leads him straight to Brianna Doherty’s door.

Bri is plagued by vicious nightmares of death and pain that leave her wondering about her own history. When her home is under siege, an enigmatic stranger appears out of nowhere to save her.

Thrown together in a tangle of desire and danger, they are pulled deeper into the secretive world of the Quytel, an ancient order charged with maintaining the balance of power on earth.

Staying one step ahead of those who would destroy them, they struggle to unravel the truth of Bri’s past and her family legacy. As her relationship with Cole grows stronger, the reality of who Bri is threatens to tear them apart. 

Circle of Dreams 

Quytel #1

by Jane S. Morrissey

Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance

Purchase (Only 99 cents!) links:


About this Author:

I love romance, magic, and writing. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to write. When I was about eleven, my friend and I wrote a little book of short stories about mermaids that we illustrated ourselves. It was quite a thriller as you might imagine. When I was a teenager, I fantasized about being a writer but didn’t know what I wanted to write. In college, I embarked on my first romance story… somehow it turned into a murder mystery. I have to be honest, where my imagination and the characters took me freaked me out a little, and I put writing on hold for about ten years while I did other things. But there was always a little voice in the back of my mind that wouldn’t let me forget my dream of writing.
About five years ago I finally started my first novel. It was rough going. I hadn’t really studied writing and while I had written papers and articles in school and for my jobs, fiction was a different animal. Once I hit my stride, the first two-and-a-half books in the Quytel Series poured onto the page. Embarking on this strange journey of writing has led me into other worlds and on wild adventures, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But the books certainly needed quite a lot of work, so I spent the next few years editing and revising. It took several conversations with friends and family, and a particularly memorable bit of coaxing from a dear friend, who is also an author, before I was ready to share them. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I've loved writing them.

Website  Blog  Twitter  Facebook  Goodreads

My Thoughts:

This one was exciting, action packed, romantic and suspenseful too! 

I was somewhat confused at first but I enjoyed it none the less.

Circle of Dreams was sexy, exhilarating and engaging.

There were plenty of paranormal beings. It was a compelling and unique group that we meet in this book.

The pace was mostly steady with just a few small lags.

If you like shifters you will probably want to grab this now while it is only 99 cents.

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